This website has been designed, with the support of local secondary schools, to provide a variety of tools to support the delivery of lessons and activities on the downs of South East Kent. The activities are primarily designed to support the Key Stage 3 curriculum, but can of course be amended to suit both primary or Key Stage 4 curriculum.

Future Creative CIC was commissioned by the Up On The Downs Landscape Partnership to create resources to support the use of the downs of South East Kent in teaching and learning. Whilst the downs have been used traditionally to teach science and geography, this website has been created to inspire teachers to use the Downs for a wider variety of subjects, including Maths, English, History and Art and in a cross curricular way.

We have identified six key locations on the Downs where activities could take place, however many of the activities could take place in a a variety of areas across the country.

We hope you find the site easy to navigate and enjoy discovering what  this amazing piece of landscape has to offer to your lesson planning!